With its 1900 décor revisited by the very Parisian Gérard Cholot, Chez Julien is the "chic bistro" par excellence...

A cosy and intimate candlelight atmosphere, accentuated by lilac walls, mottled mirrors, and a beautiful painted ceiling – last remnant of the XIXth century boulangerie the place used to be. In this Belle Époque decor, our chef Helmi Derbal invites you to savor a genuine French cuisine, a combination of the best fresh seasonal ingredients with his passion for our regionals culinary influences.

In fine weather, we invite you to soak in the gentle Parisian sun on our charming terrace while gazing at the cobbled pedestrian streets and the view on the Ile Saint Louis...


Chez Julien
1, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
75004 Paris